Lippage Technical Data
Technical Data

The DTA Lippage Levelling System is designed to create a lippage free surface when tiling by preventing the movement of tiles during the drying process.

The Lippage System comprises of 3 parts; cap, spacer and gun. The spacer is placed under the tile with the cap securing to the spacer, using the gun to tighten. The pressure applied between the cap and the spacer provides a lip free finish. This system is ideal for both walls and floors.

Check out this video to see more about the lippage system and how it is used:

What is the difference between the standard spacer and universal spacer?

The lippage spacers are both made from nylon and can be used with both the standard and jumbo caps. They have a curved base which allows for tiles of different widths and has holes in the base to allow the adhesive to cover the entire tile. The standard spacer measures up at 75mm(H) x 14mm(W) x 1.9mm(T); creating a 1.9mm gap between tiles. On the other hand the universal spacers measure up at 108mm(L) x 11m(W) x 1.8mm(T), with the bottom 15mm having a 1.5mm thickness creating the perfect gap between tiles. These universal spacers are exactly that, universal, they can also be used with other lippage systems on the market and are a more cost effective alternative to the products they can replace.

How many spacers and caps are required?

Please see the table below as a guide to the quantities required, this is jsut a guide and more spacers may be used as required.

How can I achieve a larger spacing between my tiles?

To achieve a wider gap than 1.5mm, use the lippage system in conjunction with your standard 3mm or 5mm cross/t-shape tile spacers.